What to Look For When Test Driving a New Car

You’ve done your homework, used Carismo, and have a distinct list of your most wanted cars. Now, comes the fun part – the test driving! 

Test driving is one of the most defining and decisive factors in choosing whether a vehicle is right for you or not. Those that don’t test drives potentially end up with a car that doesn’t suit their lifestyle or driving style, resulting in wasted time and money.

That’s why when the opportunity presents itself, you should always test drive your vehicles. And when you do, here is what you should keep an eye out for! 

Five Things to Look For When Test Driving a Car 

See How You Feel in the Vehicle 

Are you comfortable driving your vehicle? Do you struggle in space or feel super relaxed? Remember: you’re going to be driving this vehicle for years to come, so you have to feel comfortable in it. Adjust the seat, mirrors and steering wheel, and hit the road. If you like the flow of it, you know it’s for you. If you don’t like it, put it in the discard pile. 

Check the Braking, Suspension & Steering 

The brakes, suspension and steering are key elements when you drive – so it makes sense that how they flow should work for you. Pump the brakes a few times, take sharp turns, and ride over a rough patch. You’ll be able to tell if it suits your driving style and comfortability or not. 

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Trial & Test All the Features 

New cars have a range of advanced technological features, including Bluetooth, navigation systems, communications, and safety features, such as cruise control and emergency braking. You should spend time understanding and testing each of these features to see if you like them or not and if you want to pay the extra to have them! 

Try on Different Roads & Routes 

From the highway to rough patches on the road, it’s best if you test drive the car on different roads and routes. See how it accelerates up an on-ramp, how the transmission shifts when on the highway and how comfortable the vehicle is on different terrains. Doing the same routes over and over won’t provide you with the answers if the car is right for you – so make sure you try various routes and roads! 

Bring the Kids With You 

If you have kids, bring them along on the ride. As you’ll probably be driving the car with them most of the time, it’s good to gauge how it feels with them in the vehicle. Plus, you’ll also get to know if they’re comfortable with the vehicle too! 


Make Sure You Test Drive All Vehicles 

No matter how much you love a car, don’t settle on the first one. It’s important to compare and contrast all the vehicles you have on your list, so you find the right fit for your needs and wants. By maximizing a car buying service, you can book test drives for multiple vehicles, helping you make an informed decision. Make sure you compile notes on what you like, don’t like, and what’s the best vehicle for your lifestyle! 

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