Questions to Ask When Test Driving a Car

So, you’ve used a car concierge service, found your dream car and are ready to take it. 

But before that final part, you have to test drive it. The next time you’re ready to test-drive that new car, ask yourself the following questions, before asking the dealership a few more. 

Four Important Questions to Ask Yourself During a Test Drive 

How Does it Feel to Drive? 

You need to feel comfortable when you’re on the road. Anything less, and driving is always going to be a hassle. So it’s imperative to make sure that you feel comfortable when controlling, driving and whizzing around in your car. If it’s a no, then leave it and test drive the next one. 

Does it Fit My Needs? 

Everyone has different personal needs when it comes to driving and picking a car. You have to decide if this car is right for you in terms of comfort, functionality and usability. For example, if you’re looking for a new car and have a family, a sports car isn’t the answer for you. Likewise, if the car is just for you: you don’t need a family van. 

Is it Intuitive? 

One of the most confusing things about driving a new car is figuring out how to adjust the settings to your liking. So while test driving it, do you notice that it’s easy to rotate around the settings, such as wipers, Bluetooth and seats? See how it feels when it comes to driving the car and how intuitive it is for you. 

How is the Performance? 

Upgrading your car to a new one (be it brand new or used) means experiencing what it feels like at its best. Put the car through its paces in the test so you can see how it performs, and most importantly, performs to your liking. 


Four Important Questions to Ask the Dealership During a Test Drive 

Where Does the Vehicle Come From? 

This is a simple question but does have a huge impact on your decision. There are only really two clear answers: brand new straight from the manufacturer or from a previous owner. Why is this question important? Because it gives you insight into the history of the car (more on that below) and if it’s worth the price or not. 

What’s the History of the Vehicle? 

Ask for a breakdown of all the services of the vehicle, any major repairs that occurred and overall history of the vehicle. You want to know if there have been any major accidents, expensive (and long-lasting repairs) and if it’s worth the value or not. 

Not sure what to look for when test driving a car?

Check out our guide here!

What’s the Best Deal I Can Get? 

Now that you’ve test-driven the car, you have some argument to negotiate for a better deal. You can point out serious issues with the car, potential costs that can rise further in the future, and if you like it or not. Ask what’s the best deal you can get for it and what wiggle room you have for a better price. 

Do I Get Any Warranty? 

Most car dealerships will offer some sort of warranty or guarantee when you purchase from them. So, it makes sense: you want to know if you’re getting any cover when you buy this car from them. Ask what kind of warranty or guarantee you’re getting, what’s covered, how long it’s for and if you can extend it for a decent price. 

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