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What We Do

Carismo was started by a group of people passionate about making life easier for individuals. We love cars, but just like you, we hate the hassle. Carismo is an innovative car buying service for the modern car shopper. We connect individuals to our network of dealerships, eliminating the need for stressful sales floor conversations and bargain bartering.

How We Do It

While we build relationships with dealerships and negotiate prices, we don’t work for them; we work for you. Our goal is to help you find a vehicle you love at the best possible price. We send your request to our network of dealers, and they respond with offers sent straight to your inbox, eliminating the need for you to negotiate on price or visit several dealerships. Carismo effectively eliminates stressful and high-pressure sales conversations from the equation.
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Submit a Form

Submit a Form

Get started by filling out the form on our website with the information regarding your location and vehicle preferences. We’ll ask you about the make, model, and year you’re looking for.

Await Offers

Await Offers

Now sit back, and relax, while Carismo does the work. Your request will go out to our entire database of dealerships, willing to give you a great deal. As the offers start rolling in, you’ll receive them via email to review.

Close the Deal

Close the Deal

Simply select the offer that works best for you and book a test drive. We’ll make the arrangements with the dealership, and your vehicle will be ready for you to drive it off the lot.

Why It’s Worth It

Carismo saves you time and money, two of the most precious resources for many consumers. With Carismo, 2 hours at the dealership becomes 20 minutes in front of your computer. If you’ve been considering buying a new car — now is the time. You don’t have to wait for the next big sale or promotion. Fill out a form today!

Time Saved

Carismo eliminates the back-and-forth, motivating dealers to send their best offers upfront without you having to haggle for it.

Best Cars

We are car-finding machines. Our goal is to find you the right car that checks all the boxes, including price, features, and location.

Zero Stress

If talking to salespeople stresses you out, Carismo is for you. We’re here to make buying a car fun instead of stressful.